Blackhole app download latest version For Android and iOS

Download Blackhole app For android and iOS devices. Its Free music app which provide free of content without any ads.

Music is one of the main categories in entertainment platforms. So many people are enjoying by listening to songs. Music has a special place in our daily life. Music can regulate our moods. When you are under stress or anxiety you listen to smooth music, it will calm down your stress. Music has all human emotions. When you listen to sad songs automatically you felt sad. When you are in a happy mood you listen to happy songs it gives more energy levels to you. Like that different types of music are present in our world.

Nowadays we are blessed with the internet why because in the entertainment zone internet played a significant role. In the past decade, we did not have these facilities where we can watch movies or sports anywhere while at home, on a bus, car, train, or airplane. That too forward, backward, pause, and play options.

Blackhole app download

Download Blackhole Music App for Android and iOS


.apk files are for Android and .ipa is Blackhole for iOS version of the app.

If you are facing an error saying App not installed, then please uninstall the previous version. Uninstalling previous version deletes all your data including your favorites, saved playlists, etc. So before uninstalling, make sure you take a backup. To take backup, go to Settings (BlackHole Settings), there under Backup&Restore, you will find the option to take backup.



  • Fixed random songs playing when played from a playlist containing youtube songs.
  • Added more player background gradient options. (Do try Full Mix Black in case you like more colours)
  • Minor UI fixes and changes.
  • Added new synced lyrics source Lrclib.
  • Fixed youtube home page not working for a few regions.
  • Fixed keyboard not closing during search.
  • Fixed yt import
  • Fixed Spotify public playlist import.
  • Fixed restore failing in some cases.
  • Fixed same song getting added multiple times in yt autoplay.
  • Exposes endpoint to directly search song via url redirects. (Can be used with 3rd party apps like apple shortcuts to recognise a song and play in blackhole. I have attached one shortcut below, I hope you’ll enjoy it)



  • Fixed YouTube songs not downloading completely.
  • Fixed slow YouTube download speeds.
  • Fixed YouTube Playlists not importing.
  • Fixed Spotify Public Playlists not importing.
  • Fixed Playlists Imported from JioSaavn not playing.
  • Fixed keyboard not removing from screen when tapped on any suggestion while searching.
  • Fixed only results getting played when something is searched in playlists.
  • Fixed delete button not showing in search inside playlists.
  • Fixed background colour issue with playlist search.
  • Fixed Artist Image not showing on full screen for notch devices.
  • Fixed Radio button not showing for songs.
  • Fixed Status bar Color not changing according to theme for some devices.
  • Fixed upcoming song not showing on top in Up Next Queue
  • Fixed dense MiniPlayer not showing in settings.
  • Better gesture controls for volume in player screen
  • Fixed non relevant songs getting imported.
  • Fixed landscape padding issue with notch screens
  • Fixed downloads not showing on iOS
  • Fixed backup not working on iOS
  • Fixed Local music not showing up on iOS
  • Fixed Downloads, databases, cache and other paths not organised on macOS
  • Fixed Spotify Sync Lyrics not working
  • Fixed app language getting reset to device default whenever app is restarted
  • Fixed overflow in YouTube Home Screen for devices with slimmer width
  • Fixed youtube returning low quality when high quality is selected
  • Fixed app not auto downloading update for current device
  • Fixed issue where different cache was used for ytm recommendations
  • Fixed Recommendations showing YouTube data instead of ytm
  • Fixed issue with saavn downloads getting corrupted on iOS
  • Better Volume Gesture Controls



  • Navigation Bar and Miniplayer are now persistent
  • Added option to change default navigation tabs
  • Revamped settings menu
  • Pages now remain in the state for each tab
  • Search UI changes
  • Live search is also now tracked in the search history
  • Combined Saavn, YtMusic & YouTube search
  • Added top result to YtMusic search
  • Added view all option to YtMusic songs
  • Added option to rearrange playlists
  • Added data saver
  • Fixed proxy (VPN no longer required for those who aren’t from India, just turn on proxy from app settings)
  • Fixed multiple share pops
  • Fixed incorrect lyrics when the song changed rapidly
  • Fixed duration in Song Info
  • Fixed issue when same playlist is imported twice.
  • Fixed Miniplayer UI issue
  • Fixed App UI settings not opening for few users
  • Fixed empty playlists showing on home screen.
  • Fixed few podcasts not playing



  • Fix Youtube Link Expiry Issue
  • Fixed Spotify login on iOS
  • Added option to change compact notification buttons
  • Added search history in the YouTube section
  • Fixed Cursor Position Issue in the Search
  • Added option to search youtube as well as YT Music
  • Added stats section
  • Fixed playlists not showing when favourites are empty
  • Added YouTube autoplay support
  • Added option to multi-select items in the playlist



  • Fix Youtube Link Expiry Issue
  • Fixed Spotify login on iOS
  • Added option to change compact notification buttons
  • Added search history in the YouTube section
  • Fixed Cursor Position Issue in the Search
  • Added option to search youtube as well as YT Music
  • Added stats section
  • Fixed playlists not showing when favourites are empty
  • Added YouTube autoplay support
  • Added option to multi-select items in the playlist



  • Use YT Music to Search instead of YT
  • Added Playlist support to YT Search
  • Added option to search on YT if song not found on Home
  • Added YT Music Search Suggestions
  • Fixed YT expire link issue (Needs more testing)
  • Auto import playlist by directly sharing json file to app
  • Changed Last session UI



  • New playlist UI
  • Added support for Podcast and Mix
  • Minor changes in artist UI
  • Changed default ontap behaviour for playlists.
  • Changed default ontap behaviour artwork in player screen
  • Fixed Download button losing track of progress
  • Added logging and option to export logs
  • Removed forced capitalisation of user name
  • Fixed YouTube playback issue in iOS
  • Added support to track if YouTube link is expired or not. (Will use this in future to refresh links)
  • Autoload from where user left
  • Fixed Spotify Charts
  • Changed Search Suggestions UI
  • Readded chart country selection
  • Added Punjabi Language Support
  • Removed device_info



  • I forgot

Thank you for using BlackHole 🙂

Note 1:

.apk files are for Android, .ipa is for iOS and .zip contains the Windows version of the app.

Download .ipa



  • Added better album/artist support inside playlists
  • Added like button inside playlists except favorites
  • Added like button inside last session
  • Changed default miniplayer icons.
  • Fixed issue with not all albums/artists showing for local music.
  • Fixed some UI issues.
  • Fixed issue with restore.



  • Fixed Fdroid build issue.
  • Fixed import issues.
  • Fixed local charts.
  • Fixed UI overlay issues.
  • Fixed update issue



  • Better player screen background UI selection support
  • Added playlist import from jiosaavn
  • New mini player gestures
  • Added option to replay song on pressing skip to previous
  • Added auto check for downloads
  • Added option to merge playlists
  • Better landscape mode support
  • Added support for all jiosaavn links (on direct click as well as share to app links)
  • Some visual fixes in the light theme
  • Fixes incorrect seek bar time when repeat is changed
  • Added more gradients options to the new player screen gradient selector
  • Added Ukrainian, Hebrew, Hungarian, Dutch and Polish language
  • Some other Small UI changes



  • Added Chinese, Czech and Turkish language
  • Added search suggestions in YouTube section
  • Added error snackbars for few cases so as to provide better debugging
  • App now loads Last Queue instead of of last session on restart
  • Added better landscape mode support
  • Added back button to empty screens
  • Added quality selection for YouTube section
  • Added lyrics support for local songs (app will search online if they aren’t available offline)
  • Fixed issue with some YouTube songs not downloading
  • Added New Player UI Design
  • Fixed Issues with Download Cancel
  • Added Hover Effects in Desktop Versions
  • Fixed Resso Import Issue
  • Added Playlists to home screen
  • Added Popup Menu to songs on Homescreen
  • Some other UI changes and bug fixes



  • Added haptic feedback for few gestures
  • Added PlayNext, AddToQueue, AddToPlaylist, etc to the YouTube section
  • Added text animation to overflowed text in player screen
  • Added Autobackup feature
  • Added restore option in login Screen itself. (No need to enter name and all and then restore)
  • Added option to copy song titles on long press
  • Changed youtube search bar (live search supported now)
  • Fixed issue with backup when storage permissions weren’t given
  • Removed need for app restart after restore. (It should work fine as far as I have tested if something doesn’t work properly then just restart once)
  • Fixed issue with homescreen images changing size a little bit after image is loaded
  • Fixed issue with some artist images having different size
  • Fixed issue with empty space when “City Hots” not available
  • Added option to blacklist home sections
  • Added album/artist/genre tabs to offline section
  • Fixed issue with music artworks not showing inside offline playlists
  • YouTube playlists now load all songs inside playlist (continuous playback)
  • Changed background dominant color settings (Only dark colors will be shown now, no light colors)
  • Fixed some color issues in light mode
  • Fixed issue with share showing null from albums/playlists in search results
  • Fixed issue with remove from playlist not working for online playlists
  • Added popular, date and name filter to top artist songs
  • Added latest release, featured & dedicated playlists and similar artists to artist section
  • Added option to like artists, save top songs to playlist and to download all top artist songs
  • Improved performance
  • Added shuffle and play button to playlists
  • Added view album to song tiles
  • Upgraded compile sdk to 31 (Android 12)
  • View all in songs/albums/playlists is no longer limited to 50/20 results respectively. More results are fetched when you reach at end of list.
  • Changed design of “Now Playing section” (the one at bottom of player screen). Added few gestures and better gesture control.
  • Fixed issue with lyrics keep loading even if not available.
  • Fixed issue with “sleep after N songs” not working
  • Shifted offline playlists to songs section
  • Changed sorting in online playlists
  • Fixed issue with some albums not opening (showing no results found)
  • Added Spanish, German and Tamil language support
  • Added view artist section
  • Added option to include/exclude folders



  • Added Local Hot Songs
  • Added App translation support (English, Russian, Portuguese & Indonesian)
  • Added option to “Use System Theme”
  • Fixed Issue with YouTube playlist import
  • Fixed issue with songs not playing from New Releases
  • Fixed issue with lyrics not showing in Downloads
  • Changed Theme Change behavior
  • Added option to save theme
  • Added offline playlists support
  • Fixed issue with offline search not working when cache is unavailable
  • Few other changes in offline section
  • Spotify imports no longer creates different playlist when same playlist is imported again
  • Fixed issue with playlists showing favorites or downloads when playlist created with “reserved names”
  • Fixed issue with search not happening when tapped on “Search Icon” instead of keyboard button
  • Added search in user playlist
  • Added option to remove album art gestures
  • Added option to reduce miniplayer height
  • Added like button to playlists and albums
  • Added additional items in navigation drawer
  • Re-added lockscreen artwork
  • Added continuous swipe in homescreen tabs (it no longer stops at Spotify charts)
  • Fixed issue with text and progress bar not centred while importing playlists from Spotify/yt
  • Added option to copy lyrics (long press for selected copy or press icon to copy whole)
  • Fixed issue with lyrics sending api requests to both Musixmatch and JioSaavn even though lyrics available on JioSaavn (causing unnecessary requests to Musixmatch leading to ip ban)
  • Added Songs Info to player screen
  • Fixed issue with last added sort not working for playlists
  • Fixed issue with search bar text not showing in youtube section
  • Added option to browse album from player screen (tap on title or open from popupmenu button)
  • Added option to stream downloaded song when it’s available
  • Reduced animation time
  • Added live search results
  • Added option to change miniplayer buttons
  • Fixed issue with Spotify import when playlist image wasn’t available
  • Few UI changes in settings
  • Search bar now automatically opens keyboard when you open it from homescreen
  • Ringtones, alarms, etc are no longer shown inside my music section
  • Added alert to “use VPN with Indian Server” when search results aren’t found
  • Added google lyrics support (now supports JioSaavn + MusixMatch + Google lyrics)
  • Fixed Issue with Restore
  • Fixed issue with playlists having unallowed characters in their name
  • Added few animations (Like button)
  • Added option to change charts location from spotify tab itself
  • Added download all option in playlists



  • New Player Screen
  • Faster song loading
  • Added downloads tag editing
  • Added new trending search screen
  • Added Adaptive app icon
  • Added Artist and Genre Radios
  • Added Pre-download check
  • Added backup & Restore
  • Added cache data management
  • Added playback speed controls
  • Added New Amoled Theme Settings
  • Added landscape mode support
  • Added Autoplay and Song Recommendations
  • Added option to remember download option
  • Added option to like radio stations
  • Added gestures to album art in play screen
    • Tap: Play/Pause
    • Double Tap: Lyrics
    • Long Press: Add to Playlist
    • Swipe up/down: Volume Controls
    • Swipe Left/Right: Skip Song
  • Added JioSaavn links (tap to open app) support
  • Added preference selection option during app start
  • Added MediaStore for My Music section (faster loading)
  • Added Link sharing support (Share song, album, playlist links directly from app)
  • Added top charts and new music videos in YouTube Section
  • Added support for other audio formats (Almost everything supported by your device)
  • Added option to ignore songs with length smaller than a specific length
  • Fixed few issues in light theme
  • Fixed issue with playlists without subtitle
  • Fixed issue with volume changing back to default
  • Fixed issue with search bars not showing entered text
  • Fixed issue with tag editing not working in Android 11
  • Fixed issue with corrupted database causing app not to start
  • Fixed issue with some playlists resulting white screen on homepage
  • Fixed issue with music not playing in some devices (Turn off Use Equalizer from app settings)
  • Fixed Issue with songs creating nested folders when ‘Save album songs in same folder’ was turned on
  • Back on homescreen no longer exits app
  • Changed status bar color to transparent
  • Changed notification icons
  • Directly Open App & Play Offline Songs from File Manager
  • Last session now loaded by default on app start
  • Last session songs can now be removed individually
  • Removed ffmpeg (Reduced App Size)
  • Removed animations from Home Screen transitions
  • Replaced Now Playing draggable sheet with dialog sheet
  • Reduced snackbar duration as well as numbers (No more annoying snackbars)

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