Innertune Apk Free Download Latest Version for Android and iOS 2023

Innertune apk download latest version – Present days we have a lot of apps, As well as a lot of music apps are also available. Mostly we have to pay for those to stream the content. Now I am introducing one of the music streaming apps and it is completely free to listen to music. That is the InnerTune app. With this app, you will listen to youtube music.

Youtube Music is the one of the paid app and also free version is available but ads are played in between of songs. Most of time while listening music, Ads are more irritated one. If you cant pay to yt music and get rid of the Ads. Innertune App is the best solution for this. InnerTune app does not have ads. It is a completely ad-free music app. You can download the songs and listen to them in offline mode also. You can create your own library and playlists.

Innertune fetch only from YT Music, While comparing with Blackhole app. Blackhole fetch from jiosavan and YT Music. Innertune is the one of best blackhole alternative compared to other one.

Innertune app

Features of the InnerTune app

  • Youtube Music

By using the InnerTune apk you can open any Youtube Music links and play the songs. The “Search” option is also available to search the albums, songs, and playlists. You can add youtube music links to your favorites.

  • ยท Download the songs

If you don’t want to listen to the online streaming you can download the songs to the local storage. Sometimes network issues are happening. While traveling from one place to another place, usually we are using our mobile to watch movies and listening songs. If you are streaming with mobile data, sometimes the music track will be buffering due to network issues. To resolve this problem you can download the songs which you like to the device. Enjoy your songs later.

  • Local Library

The saved songs, playlists, and albums are stored in the library. You can like the songs which are your favorites. The downloaded songs will also export through the SAF.

  • Free of cost

It is completely free to access the content in this app. You can listen to music without premium. All android users can get this app without cost.

  • Lyrics of the song

One more advantage of this app is showing the lyrics of the track when it plays. If you want to show the lyrics you can on it or else off the lyrics. Both options are here in this app.

  • User-friendly interface

This app is made with a user-friendly interface. With this feature, the user can operate this app very easily.

  • Custom themes

You can customize the colors to your taste easily. This app is designed for the gradients to match your app.

Screenshot of Innertune App

Innertune apk
Innertune app
innertune apk download

How to Download and install the InnerTune app?

You can not find this app on the play store. That’s why it is available in other third-party apps. You can download it from the link given below.

1. Click on the download button.

2. The app will download in a few seconds.

3. Before that check your device to whether it is allowed unknown sources or not. If not follow these steps.

4. Go to the settings option on your device, then go to the applications options and go to the unknown sources, and enable the allow option. Now your device is ready to access the downloaded apks.

5. Open the downloaded apk and install it.

6. Once that app is installed open that.

7. Now enjoy your favorite songs.

Let’s discuss the pros and cons of the InnerTune app.

Pros of Innertune apk

  • It is completely free. No subscription is needed.
  • Listening to Youtube music without ads is one of the main advantages.
  • You can download the songs.
  • The interface is simple and easy to use this app.
  • You can export the songs by using SAF.

Cons of InnerTune apk

  • If your location does not support the Youtube Music app, This InnerTune does not work directly. For this problem, you have to use VPN.
  • Some bugs may occur while using this app.

Frequently asked questions:

Q1. Is it available in Google Play Store?

Ans: No, It is available only on third-party websites. You can download this apk from the above-mentioned link.

Q2) Is it safe to use the InnerTune apk?

Ans: It is safe. Your private information does not effect by this apk.

Q3) Can I export the songs from this app? If possible, How to export it?

Ans: Yes, You can export the songs in InnerTune. By using SAC you will export the songs.

Q4) Is it paid app or not?

Ans) No, It is completely free to use.


This article is explained in detail the InnerTune app features and how to download this app on android mobiles. Download the app from this website and play your favorite songs, albums, and playlists. Please share this with your friends and family. If you have any quires comment below.

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